Infant Program: infants from 2 to 12 months


The infant program offers a loving, caring and nurturing atmosphere for children ages 2 months thru 12 months. They are provided with a stimulating environment, which consist of learning experiences designed for the child's total development, while respectful and trusting relationships are established between children and caregivers.

Toddler Program: Infants from 12 to 36 months

This program focuses on meeting the needs of toddlers 12-36 months. Toddlers are ready to branch out to explore the classroom and to begin to enjoy small group times. Toddlers will participate in activities with materials that promote sensory development and increase attention span, fine and gross motor skills, language, social development and independence. Our staff provide a stimulating environment by reading, talking, laughing, interacting, walking, singing and playing music.

Special items needed; Please make sure to supply and label the following:

  • Diapers/Pull-Ups.
  • Baby Wipes.
  • A change of weather appropriate clothing.
  • Bottles.
  • Instruction sheet filled with specific instructions to caregiver.

Please note: it is parent's responsibility to keep all items labeled and well stocked!

Our program accepts children that are not potty trained, and we assist in the process when they are ready. (We can provide parents with a copy of potty training steps).

Preschool Program: children from 3 to 5 years old

The preschool program offers developmentally appropriate activities for children age three to five years. Our child-centered environment have been furnished to enhance the creative and developmentally needs of young children. Our program arrangement and activities is child sized placed at the child's level and developmentally appropriate for each particular age. We at Allapattah Wynwood School & Child Care Facility, realize the importance of making the transition from home to school as comfortable as possible.
Children feel secure in a set predicable routine. Each class follows a daily routine, wich includes Circle Time, choice of learning centers, and outdoor play. Class schedule are posted in each classroom. Children are given time to explore, manipulate, imagine and create. Learning takes place in large and small group settings where children are able to participate in discussion, singing, dancing, listening and telling stories.
Our program offers thematic approaches to learning, themes are integrated throughout the day in a variety of activities, art projects, music movement, finger play and games.

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